Asheville 2014-Sunday 9/21

Sunday was our last day in NC. Seth, Rebecca, and Sage had spent the night and we were all going to the Biltmore for the day. Mike could get us in for free since he works there which was great because it’s REALLY expensive to go there. Before heading out we were going to have a cousin photoshoot. Sadrah is also a professional photographer and was going to take pics of the two girls together. When we came upstairs for the morning I saw Sage was wearing some Osh Gosh overalls and I had just happened to have packed Charlotte’s Osh Gosh overalls so I ran downstairs and put them on her. For the photoshoot Sadrah also put on overalls to be all cute and match matchy. I tried to stay inside for the photoshoot cause I know Charlotte does better around others when barnacling to mama is not an option. I waited awhile then peaked outside and asked if I could come out. Josh said no and then I said “ok Im going back in” and apparently that is when Charlotte heard me and the photoshoot was pretty much over if it had begun at all.

After the photoshoot we all got ready and headed out to the Biltmore. The Biltmore is really cool. I didn’t even know it existed before I heard Mike worked there and then I just knew it was a fancy hotel I didn’t really know anything about it until we planned our trip and I looked it up online and saw it was a GIANT CASTLE. It’s basically the American Versailles. I still don’t know tons about it. Usually when we go places I like to read about the history of where we are going or specific locations but my little friend Toodles doesn’t allow much for that anymore. And when we were there it was hard to learn about it with toddler in tow. Sadrah and Mike came with us to the Biltmore estate but left us at the house in favor of going hiking on the grounds so me, Josh, Charlotte, Rebecca, Seth, and Sage went into the house and tried to do the self guided tour.

We did as best we could with 2 toddlers in tow. Sage was super bored with the whole experience and Charlotte was ok for about 3/4 of the tour then started to get squirmy. Both girls were getting tired but at the same time wanted to run around on the big lawn. The great dichotomy of toddler life. What we were able to take in was pretty cool. The place is crazy enormous and ornate. Historically all I got out of it was it was built by the Vanderbilts and eventually turned into basically a museum. For some reason you aren’t allowed to take any photographs inside. I took a few pics with my cell phone until I got yelled at. After we finished with the house we took about 5 minutes to look at the walled garden and realized we would need an entire day to even make a dent in viewing the gardens so we went and looked at a fish pond with the girls then we all headed back to meet Sadrah and Mike in the parking lot and went to lunch.

We went to Wicked Weed Brewing again, this time to eat. When we got there both girls were asleep after their big morning. Sage is obviously a much better sleeper than Charlotte (doesn’t take much) and was just passed out on the bench at our table. Charlotte I strapped to the front of me in the ergo and tried not to move. It made for some difficult eating but it extended her nap for quite awhile. Both girls woke up at various times during our meal and after we were done eating it was time to say goodbye to Seth, Rebecca, and Sage who were headed back home. We had to get back to Sadrah & Mike’s house to attempt to actually pack up all our junk that was spewed everywhere for our flight home the next morning.

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