Asheville 2014-Saturday 9/20

Saturdays Mike and Sadrah spend their morning at the North Asheville Tailgate Market selling their seitan so they were already there when we woke up. We met them there later and wandered around looking at all the various things for sale. There was even a lady selling vegan baked goods. They were gluten-free vegan baked goods which is not really what Im into since I don’t really like the taste of gluten free baked goods but they were vegan so yay for that. I got a muffin and it was quite good. We were on the hunt for coffee and we did find some but inexplicably no one had any almond or soy milk. And I thought this was a hippie market. Charlotte thought the market was great because she basically just tore around toddling here and there. I tried to navigate her so she wouldn’t mow people down but mainly I just let her go. We were going to be going to a beer and music festival later so I needed her to nap beforehand for it to be at all successful so I need her to wear herself out. After the market we stopped at a botanical gardens at the entrance of UNC Asheville which is where the tail gate market was held. We let her toddle around there for awhile too.

When she seemed good and toddled out we headed back to Sadrah and Mike’s house to see if we could get her to nap. I kept her awake in the car as the whole point was for her to sleep in the bed so I could get stuff done while she was napping and get ready for Brewgrass which was the festival we were going to. She *really* wanted to fall asleep in the car but I managed to keep her awake. Once back at the house in true form she completely refused to nap. This is pretty much how she operates. At my wit’s end we finally put her back in the car and drove around Sadrah and Mike’s neighborhood. She fell asleep and when we got back to the house I sat in the car while she slept. That is called being “nap trapped.” We let her sleep and eventually left again with her still asleep and made our way to Brewgrass which was being held at a baseball stadium. It’s basically exactly what it sounds like. It was a beer festival with various local breweries handing out samples and brew grass musicians playing. I bought a designated driver ticket since a full price ticket would be pretty much wasted on me. I don’t like beer and am not really a big drinker anyways and in fact SOMEONE would have to drive home. It was much cheaper and I got some cool straight edge X’s on my hands to show how badass I am.

We met Sadrah, Mike, Seth, Rebecca, and Sage there and we all pretty much hung out for the afternoon. Josh, Sadrah, Mike, & Seth sampled the brews and Rebecca and I chased our toddlers around. Brewgrass was a great spot for toddling. It was flat since it was a baseball stadium or football stadium or some sort of sporting place and that made it great for the toddlers. Charlotte has only been walking for maybe a little over a month so it was great for her to just speed around mowing people down. Sage has been walking for quite awhile so she got her dance groove on. The two of them aren’t quite at the age where they are super interested in each other yet other than Sage kept wanting to hug Charlotte. It was the sweetest thing ever except Charlotte wasn’t having it. We joked that Sage was the typical southerner who was super friendly and wanted to hug everyone and Charlotte was the typical northerner and needed her personal space. The afternoon was pretty fun and I wasn’t even drinking. It got a little old that every five minutes someone would tell me my stumbling toddler was drunk but at the same time it was kind of expected. After several hours in the direct sun my toddling toddler started to slow way down and at the same time the music all of a sudden got a lot louder so Josh and I decided to take Charlotte back to the house where everyone would meet us later. She took another nap and awoke around the time when everyone else got back. We hung out at the house for the night and celebrated Mike’s birthday with cupcakes and cookies. We sat around and watched the little ones toddle around, Sage was still trying to get her cousin hug. When she realized she wasn’t going to get a hug from her cousin she climbed right up into my lap to snuggle with me which was all fine until Charlotte noticed SOMEONE ELSE was sitting on her mama’s lap. That didn’t end well. Eventually we all called it a night and went to bed.

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